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Benefits Of trademark registration

Legal Protection

A registered trademark gives its owner a legal right in case of infringement. Not registering a trademark may leave the owner of the original brand name without any remedy.

10 Years Validity

TM has a 10 years long validity and can be easily renewed.

Protect Brand and Goodwill

TM protects your investment in branding and advertisement

Intangible Asset

Registered TM can be sold, assigned, franchised or commercially contracted to bring benefits to the company or the individual proprietor.

Documents Required For trademark registration

Identity proof of Trademark owner
One page authorization letter
Logo (also can be applied without logo)
Incorporation Certificate- (if owner is a Company or LLP)

Steps for trademark registration

Search for the trademark
Sign Form-48 to authorize FIRSTCOMPANi as TM attorney.
Government Processing

What All You Get From trademark registration

Free Legal search report
Can use (TM) symbol in a single day
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When can I use the TM symbol?

When can I use the R symbol?

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